The Life-centred Design Guide resources for further learning

Damien Lutz
5 min readJun 14, 2022

A list of resources for further learning about life-centred design.

The Life-centred Design Guide

About the guide

Life-centred design aligns responsible businesses and designers with global goals to design physical and digital products and services that re-nourish
the planet and foster fair and diverse ways of being.

Life-centred design is still emerging, however, so awareness of it is low, those who practise it are few, how it is practised varies, and hybridisation of physical and digital product design strategies is nascent.

The Life-centred Design Guide introduces a collection of today’s life-centred design approaches and speculates a ‘Future Snapshot’ of what the framework might become if the variations merged.

Accompanied by the Life-centred Design Resource Hub
at, the Guide includes learning exercises, tools, strategies, and introductions to 11 key supporting practices:

Circular design, Inclusive design, Pluriversal design, Systems thinking, Distributed design, Sustainable web design, Behavioural design, Interspecies design, Biomimicry, Foresight, Human-centred design

Life-centred design gives designers the skills and mindsets to respond to today’s wicked problems in tangible, practical, and measurable ways.

Resource links

Below is a list of resources for further learning about life-centred approaches and practices, including:

  1. Life-centred Design Approaches
  2. Life-centred Design Contributors
  3. Supporting Design Practices
  4. Indigenous Practices
  5. Articles

Design Approaches

Learn more about different design approaches that expand-human centred design to include more consideration for the planet.



Bruce Mau, Principles for Massive Change


Design Council

Disrupt Design

Don Norman

Eco Design Circle Sustainability Guide


Fillipa K fashion

First Things First Manifesto

Future of Design Education


Karwai Ng and Will Anderson

Monika Sznel

Sentient Future Lab

The Circular Design Guide

NID Handbook

Nike Circularity Guide


Wholegrain Digital

Life-centred Design Contributors

Design Practices

Learn more about the eleven key design practices combined in life-centred design


Circular design

Inclusive design

Pluriversal design

Systems thinking

Distributed design

Sustainable web design

Behavioural design

Interspecies design


Designing futures

Human-centred design



Damien Lutz

Visual articles exploring fringe design practices and experiments to develop ways of designing more life-centred futures.