And how to start experimenting.

A floating brain in purple hues.
Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

Design Council—Systemic Design Framework

Keep design decisions centred on values, challenging biases and assumptions, and future-minded

An animated cube—the Futures Pixel—with Values, assumptions and biases on each side.

The Futures Pixel

The Futures Pixel is a kind of mindfulness…

Design that challenges perceptions, broadens inclusion and fosters co-creation

A concrete staircase curving  around a tree reaching to the sky.
Photo by Alexander Abero on Unsplash

Future Scouting #2

Experimental tools to align speculative and futures design with core values and life-centred thinking.

Speculative and life-centred design worksheets spread out over a desk.

Values-driven futures

Speculative design took form in the early 1990s as designers questioned their role in consumerism’s impact on the planet. They began to consider how to align design with core values.

Future Scouting #1

Gamifying an introduction to speculative and values-driven design

An early variation of the speculative design game, Future Scouting.
An early variation of the speculative design game, Future Scouting.

Microsoft’s new mixed-reality promise—an immersive, holographic-like experience for conference calls and 3D model collaboration

Two women in Hololens visors standing around a floating holographic earth as one interacts with the hologram.

Experimental tools to include the environment and non-users in design-thinking and speculative design

Six rocks balanced perfectly on top of each other by the sea.
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

6 examples of combining science fiction world-building techniques with design to create prototypes of future artefacts

Modular architecture suspended in the sky — a reworked photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti.
Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

Play evil, learn ethics, save the world, and more, with speculative design

Girl with red eye lens that is projecting a holographic display in front to her.
Photo by Justin Peralta on Unsplash

Damien Lutz

UX Designer, creator of Future Scouting speculative design game and book, author of sci-fi novels Amanojaku and The Lenz, and very amateur drone pilot.

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