A good checklist, with a plan, should make itself obsolete.


And how to start experimenting.

A floating brain in purple hues.
Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

Keep design decisions centred on values, challenging biases and assumptions, and future-minded

An animated cube—the Futures Pixel—with Values, assumptions and biases on each side.

Design that challenges perceptions, broadens inclusion and fosters co-creation

A concrete staircase curving  around a tree reaching to the sky.
Photo by Alexander Abero on Unsplash

Future Scouting #2

Experimental tools to align speculative and futures design with core values and life-centred thinking.

Speculative and life-centred design worksheets spread out over a desk.

Values-driven futures

Future Scouting #1

Gamifying an introduction to speculative and values-driven design

An early variation of the speculative design game, Future Scouting.
An early variation of the speculative design game, Future Scouting.

Microsoft’s new mixed-reality promise—an immersive, holographic-like experience for conference calls and 3D model collaboration

Two women in Hololens visors standing around a floating holographic earth as one interacts with the hologram.

Experimental tools to include the environment and non-users in design-thinking and speculative design

Six rocks balanced perfectly on top of each other by the sea.
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

6 examples of combining science fiction world-building techniques with design to create prototypes of future artefacts

Modular architecture suspended in the sky — a reworked photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti.
Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

Damien Lutz

UX Designer, creator of Future Scouting speculative design game and book, author of sci-fi novels Amanojaku and The Lenz, and very amateur drone pilot.

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